Shoup Voting Solutions
1927 East Saw Mill Road,
Quakertown, PA 18951

Telephone: (215) 538-0779
Toll-Free: 1-800-789-VOTE
Facsimile: (215) 538-3283


Four generations of the Shoup family have devoted their lives to developing, designing, selling and servicing voting machines.
Shoup Mechanical Voting Machines have undergone the equivalent of 140 years of normal election use and proven their durability and excellence.
The first electronic voting machine was introduced by Ransom F. Shoup, II in 1978. Let this history of excellence work for your election department.


Need supplies or parts for your existing Shoup products? Check out our list of supplies and parts.

Shoup Voting Solutions Inc. is your one-stop election provider, supplying reliable, responsive and prompt service, and complete satisfaction.

Support services are designed to ensure that elections using the Shoup Voting System will run smoothly and efficiently.

short- and long-term rental leasing
pre-election preparation assistance
election-period technical consultation services
post-election support for archiving, recounts or securing the equipment for storage
easy-to-understand training using high-retention learning concepts
comprehensive suite of documentation containing step-by-step instructions
hardware maintenance
equipment warehousing
delivery and retrieval ballot preparation
turn-key elections for counties, unions, school districts, etc.
toll-free number for product and election day support
superior ratings from customers for product efficiency, servicing and maintenance
re-conditioned machines available upon request
warranties available so you can fix your repair costs
election-day support, including setting up the machines for the election
We carry parts and consumables for the Shouptronic/1242 Electronic Voting Machine

Lithium batteries? When were yours changed last? Let us come to your site and replace them.

Upper shocks gone bad? We can replace your shocks on site.

Bad or non-working boards? Let us repair your CPUs, power supplies, matrix modules, officer’s control, and interconnect boards. We also repair impact and thermal printers.

If you do not see a product or service that you want, please contact us and we can find it for you.


Shoup has developed the finest electronic touch-screen and optical-mark-recognition systems on the market, based on ease of use, security and accuracy. The Shoup Voting System is 100% accurate and provides immediate election results. There are no lost votes, spoiled ballots, or overvotes.

Voting Units

self-contained transit case
wireless network
battery backup
large, easy-to-read, color display
ADA-accessible design
easy to set up
built-in voter privacy
meets all Federal Election Commission (FEC) and state requirements
VS151 NK – for use where full-curtain privacy is required for the voter

VS151 NP – for use where a small, portable voting terminal is desired (on table or in booth)

Optical Mark Recognition VS500

self-contained transit case
battery backup
easy to set up
meets all FEC and state requirements
uses standard or individual ballot styles
scans both sides of the ballots simultaneously and even scans the ballots upside down
All Shoup equipment is tested and certified by the Federal Election Commission.



Unequaled software development in the Shoup Voting System, combined with extensive company testing requirements, has resulted in a voting system with unlimited capacity, accuracy, strict software security and multiple language capability.

fully integrated system
100% accurate
triple data redundancy
state-of-the-art encryption features to protect voter privacy, anonymity and security
supports contests up to 80 candidates per single page
Audio Touch, providing universal access for all voters
supports all contest types
creates definitions for multiple elections at the same time
multiple contests per page
accommodates universal election styles
no paper required for touch-screen unit
result tallying within minutes
dynamic layout features allow the election department to minimize the number of pages while maximizing button sizes
supports multiple languages
customized reports

EMS (Election Management System)

The Shoup Voting System provides fully integrated, efficient election management, simplified precinct distribution, and no constraints on election complexity. Results can be provided by removable media or via modem transfer and can be displayed on the internet.

A Lotofácil é um jogo diferente dos demais jogos da Loteria, pois as chances de ganhar são maiores, você escolhe de 15 a 18 números dentre um total de 25 e ganha acertando 11, 12, 13, 14 ou 15 números. Existem vários métodos espalhados na internet que podem te ajudar a, pelo menos não perder seu dinheiro e dependendo de sua sorte, acertar os tão sonhados 15 números. Muitos desses métodos são pagos, mas também existem ótimos métodos gratuitos de escolher sua cartela da lotofacil. Vou tentar mostrar um método de desdobramento que achei muito interessante e que segundo comentários muitas pessoas já acertaram até 14 pontos.

Neste método você terá que jogar 11 cartelas preenchidas com 15 números, cada cartela custa R$ 1,25 isso da um investimento de apenas R$ 13,75 e você pode ganhar um bom dinheiro.


Election Preparation

simple, intuitive interface
Deployment – VS151 NK or VS151 NP

wireless LAN ballot loading
multiple voting units loaded at one time
simple, easy-to-use
OMR – VS500

optimum scanning capabilities
Election Central

supports singular or multiple site Election Centrals
integrated tabulation – mail – early voting – election day
required state reporting links
internet reporting
modem transfer
customizable report formats



Shoup supports all sorts of elections:

Union Elections
Local, National, and International
officers, delegates. . .

School, College, and University Elections
class officers, surveys. . .

Organizations, Associations, and Club Elections
officers, conventions, survey of membership. . .

An election system can include

full-faced, electronic voting machines,
touch-screen voting systems, and
mail-out ballots and electronic counters.
All you supply is the voters.